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Dentist in College Station Dr. Robert M. Lasell DDS

Dr. Robert M Lasell, DDS


Standard Appointments

Standard AppointmentsLike most dental offices, it is necessary to see you by appointment for non-emergency care. On your first visit, we require a review of your health history including recent dental treatment history. In most cases, complete up to date x-rays are required for a thorough evaluation of your teeth and supporting structures. X-rays from your previous dentist that are 2 years old or less are helpful and should be brought to your first visit. Please call well in advance so that we may reserve an appointment for you.

Emergency Care

Emergency VisitsIf you have a dental emergency, please call our office as soon as possible so that our dentist in College Station may see you as soon as we can.  We offer emergency help 24 hours a day.

Follow-Up Visits

Follow-Up AppointmentsRegular professional cleaning and polishing of your teeth is an important preventive health measure. If you are highly susceptible to gum disease, it is even more important. Our recommendations as to how frequently you come for hygiene visits will be different for each patient. Each patient’s disease susceptibility and immunity must be taken into consideration. These appointments may be the single most important health measure you can take for insuring continued health for the teeth and gums. When you return for your maintenance visits, please advise the business assistant of any changes in your address, telephone number, marital status, employment, insurance coverage and medical history.  Our dentist in College Station will provide the quality service with all the care and comfort you could hope for.  Your comfort is our top priority through all treatments!