Dental Services

General & Cosmetic Dentistry Experts

Of many services, we offer cosmetic bonding, custom dentures & partials.  We have affordable fees and most insurance plans are accepted.  We will file your insurance for you!

Ongoing Care

You should visit your dentist every six months, even if your teeth "feel" healthy.  Some problems can start small and by the time you are feeling discomfort or pain, can be too late to fix with preventative care, resulting in more drastic treatments.  Even cavities can be "rolled back" with early warning!

Cosmetic Care

A beautiful smile says a lot about you. It projects confidence, pride and good health. We provide a full range of cosmetic services to keep your smile gleaming. Professional teeth whitening, at-home bleaching, tooth colored fillings, teeth realignment, crowns, bridges and implants are all available at your local Dental Care Center office.

Implants, Bridges, Crowns, Surgery

Our dental team includes doctors with expertise in crowns, bridges and implants. So, to ensure the utmost in quality care, you may see a different doctor on our staff when specialized procedures are needed. Nearly all procedures are performed in our offices. We will, however, schedule a visit at another office when it's in your best interest.


We understand that when you have a toothache you need assistance.  When someone comes into our office with a serious problem, we try to take them in immediately, control the pain, diagnose the situation, and then recommend treatment. If it's an emergency to YOU, it's an emergency to US.