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Unfortunately, the word "denture" conjures up images of traditional, unsecured tooth-replacement systems, woefully unpredictable in terms of fit and stability. They also allow jaw bone loss, which occurs when natural teeth are no longer in place to stimulate the bone tissue and keep it healthy. Those who have worn these dentures, which rely on messy adhesives or natural suction, can attest to the inability to enjoy certain foods and experiencing a frustrating barrier to proper enunciation.

It's embarrassing to have your replacement teeth get in the way of your speech. But there's no need to struggle with floating, slipping, ill-fitting dentures any longer.

Modern dental implant solutions are here, and they can help you.

Dentures secured with dental implants provide a permanency and stability previously unavailable in tooth-replacement systems. With an implant-secured denture, patients can eat what they like, smile with confidence, and speak without interference. The support dental implants provide is modeled after natural tooth structure, as the implants are similarly anchored in the jaw and will be incorporated by the surrounding bone, just like a tooth's root.

Types of Implant-Retained Dentures

Removable implant overdentures, where two or more dental implants anchor a removable denture which can be removed for cleaning. This is a cost-effective option, as it requires fewer implant posts than other solutions.

Overdentures on an implant bar, where a dental bar is fixed to your jaw bone using three to five implants. This support system provides an even stronger support for your denture.

Fixed implant-supported bridges, which is a durable solution with natural-looking replacement teeth, secured on four or more dental implants. This solution stimulates bone health, restores chewing function, and maintains taste sensation.

Improve Your Quality of Life

Since the dental implant support denture will not cover the upper palate, patients who have worn a traditional upper denture will experience a noticeable improvement during mealtimes--they'll be able to fully taste their food! With implant-retained dentures, you can keep jaw bone structure healthy, improve your quality of life, and feel confident about eating, smiling, and speaking freely. Talk to Dr. Robert M Lasell about replacing your traditional denture with an ultra-secure dental implant solution.