Oral Surgery in ComfortOral Surgery in Comfort in College Station Texas

Comprehensive Surgical Treatments in Comfort in College Station Texas

We offer a large variety of dental surgeries to get your smile back on track to perfection.  We will alleviate jaw pain with extractions, root canals, implants and more!

Millions of Americans suffer with dental anxiety. Our team works to make patients feel at ease by explaining the process and listening to any concerns. If you have put off necessary repairs or live with a less-than-stellar smile, our sedation dentists can help you attain a brilliant smile.

For individuals who struggle with anxiety or extreme sensitivity during dental treatment, we offer nitroux oxide or IV sedation options to relax you during your visit. We often use nitrous oxide gas to allow you to remain calm and conscious during treatment. Discuss your fears with our sedation dentists so that you can feel completely peaceful during your time with us.